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Learn French with easy reading in slow French.
Apprenez le français avec des textes faciles dits en français lent.

Some great websites to learn a new language:
http://shrsl.com/s0w5 – To find a language partner, a community tutor or an online teacher, I’ve found 2 great language partners through this website, I talk to them every week, I also take online lessons from tutors who correct my mistakes when I’m talking, it’s an amazing website to practice a language and gain confidence while speaking.
https://www.brainscape.com/i/WTTH – To learn vocabulary with flashcards. I use my own flashcards (from my tutor’s corrections) to improve my English, and I use the Spanish deck created by the website, to learn Spanish. There is a really nice deck to learn French too.

Texte pris sur : http://journalmetro.com/monde/1217693/jfk-revelera-t-on-lincompetence-de-la-cia/

Lien pour le texte: https://slowfrench.blogspot.com/2017/10/video-9-youtube-httpjournalmetro.html

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