Basic French Pronunciation Tips & Rules for Beginners

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In this guide, you’ll learn the most crucial pronunciation tips for French beginners. Once you master these basic tips, you’ll improve your accent drastically and sound more like a native speaker.

Here are a few basic pointers from the video:

-Whenever you see an H in a French word, you don’t pronounce it. For example, in L’homme.
-When you have two L’s together, it’s almost like a Y sound, like in Fille.
-There are different ways to pronounce G in French. If the G comes before an E and an I, it sounds like the S in measure. But if it’s before an A, O, or U, it’s like the G in get.

In this lesson, we’ll also cover the 5 different types of accents in French. You’ll learn how to pronounce the following French sounds:

-The aigu, for example in Éléphant.
-The grave, for example in Là or Où.
-The circonflexe, for example in hôte.
-The tréma, for example in Noël.
-And the cédille, for example in Français.

To learn even more French pronunciation rules, keep watching the video above!

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