🇫🇷 How to use LUI and LEUR in French? – An Overview of ALL the ways to use them.

What do LUI and LEUR mean? LUI and LEUR are two tiny French words but they are often confusing and misunderstood.

We tend to think they are two words with loads of meanings and different ways to use them, when in fact, they are several words that share the same spelling.

LUI can mean him.
LUI can mean her.
LUI can be used as a French filler word.
LUI can be used to provide emphasis.

LEUR can mean them.
LEUR can be a French article meaning their.
LEUR can mean theirs or their one.

LEURS can mean theirs.

There are loads of ways we can use LUI and LEUR in French, and I’ve learned all the different meanings, so I can break them down and show you the French grammar made easy in this video so that you can be a more confident French speaker.

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