Learn French With Music!!! ~dans le bleu du ciel by Lou~ 30 minute loop

Dans le bleu du Ciel by Lou

Learn French With Music is a YouTube series designed to assist French Language Learners with pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, and even grammar. This series is not meant to teach French, but to complement other courses a student may be learning from. It is geared towards teenage and young adult learners, but can be used by any age!

Lou is a 15 year old French artist. She has recently gained international popularity due to her role as Marinette Dupain-Cheng from the animated French children’s cartoon Les Adventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir, known as Miraculous Ladybug online. She does not play Marinette in the TV show, but sings the new Miraculous Ladybug song “ce mur qui nous separe” with singer Lenni Kim. It has yet to be confirmed if either artist will be playing the Miraculous Ladybug Characters outside of the single.

For more songs by Lou, check out her official YouTube channel using the link below! All rights to the song belong to Lou Musique. This video is for educational purposes only.