French podcast – Le Noël de votre professeure de français

Learn French with Elodie from Your online French teacher!

Here comes a French Christmas podcast. You can use it to work on your French listening / reading and understanding. For the full learning instructions on this video, check Elodie’s Blog post:

Who is Elodie ? She is a French pedagogical engineer specialized in language didactic and French as a foreign language teacher. She teaches French since 2009: online all around the world and in companies or universities in Spain.

What does Elodie do for you?
– She published daily French courses on her INSTAGRAM account. Check it here:
– Elodie teaches French through her blog. She writes very complete articles and free courses for her students in here website. Check it here:
– Your online French teacher can give you online french classes. You just need to contact her for more info!

Have a great time on the channel!