Conférence – M GRAETZEL – Lumière et énergie, production d’électricité et de combustibles…

Conférence de Michael GRAETZEL intitulée Lumière et énergie, production d’électricité et de combustibles par photosynthèse artificielle

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:55 Demande énergétique mondiale
00:04:13 Electricity, Fuels and Heat from Sunlight
00:04:54 Le rechauffement climatique avance: il n’a jamais fait si chaud qu’en 2014
00:05:02 La quête des énergies
00:05:28 Dyes (D) or perovskites (P) pigments as photovoltaic light harvesters
00:06:19 Principle of operation of dye sensitized solar cells
00:07:43 Charge carrier generation with flat sensitized heterojunctions
00:08:15 The virtues of the nanostructure
00:09:27 Use of a mesocopic semiconducting oxide scaffold to extract electrons
00:10:47 Charge screening by surface adsorbed ionssenables rapid electron percolations
00:11:00 1985 The first publication
00:11:38 Dye sensitized mesocopic solar cells
00:12:40 1988 The first patent application protects the use of high surface area
00:13:04 TODAY
00:13:47 The three key ingredients of dye sensitized solar cells
00:15:56 Building-in More Color
00:17:06 The magic world of mesosocopic TiO2 beads
00:17:40 DSSCs outperform silicon cells in power generation from ambient light
00:18:27 Metal halide perovskites offer new and exciting opportunities for fuel generation by tandem cells
00:20:00 Band alignement of pervoskite/TiO2/spiro-MeOTAD heterojunction solar cells
00:22:20 STEM – EDS elemental Mapping shows complete infiltration of mesoporous
00:22:35 Radial diffusion in the mesopores facilitates carrier extraction
00:24:18 2 applications
00:25:04 Perovskite-driven photo-electrolysis
00:25:43 Triple junction mesoscopic pervoskite cells
00:26:05 Steady CO evolution over 15 hours of full solar exposure is achieved
00:26:32 Solar CO2 reduction to CO using mesoscopic perovskite photovoltaics
00:27:50 Questions

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