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In this video I’m drawing a beautiful house. Let’s draw! I’m drawing the roof and the chimney. And the door, windows with curtains. This house has three windows. I’m drawing the trees. These are apple trees. There is a cloud in the sky. And a giant sun. Ta-dah! The sun is awake now! It’s going to watch coloring. This house has brown roof. We have a little plant in here. These purple curtains look so cute. This is a pink lovely house. There are four red apples on this tree. There is green grass in front of the house. Let’s paint the sky with blue. This is a beautiful lovely house. I put some glitter on this house. Wow! That looks amazing! We have a wonderful, shiny house. Who wants to live in this house? I want… 🏡

We made coloring pages with lots of fun and magic for kids. Learn colors for kids, for children and for toddlers.

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