Learn French – My Daily Routine / Typical Day Conversation – La routine / Le quotidien

Learn French : My daily routine / typical day conversation. Improve your listening skills. Learn how to talk about your daily routine / typical day and describe your everyday life in French – Learn French vocabulary and phrases. Learn French grammar and pronunciation. Learn to pronounce French like a native.

BEGINNERS: I advise you to watch the following video before watching this one. Doing so should help you make the most use of it as you will be able to see most of the sentences spoken here written down. http://youtu.be/exrGFpqVK38

leçon de français – la routine / le quotidien (vocabulaire et culture)
lección de francés – Hablar de rutina diaria en francés (vocabulario y cultura)
Französisch Lektion / lernen – sprechen über Routine (Wortschatz und Kultur)


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