Learn French with Video Episode "La rencontre fatidique" by LinguaTV (cours de langue francaise)

LinguaTV http://www.linguatv.com/courses.html presents its French video story “La rencontre fatidique” (A fateful meeting) on youtube which is part of the award-winning language training video soap for learners of the French language. “On y va! Apprends le francais!”

Here is the story: Cécile, Pauline and Sophie are good friends. Suddenly, two men show up in their live. François is an actor and new in Paris. Stéphane, from Italy, has long since been living as an artist in the French capital. What happens next?

You can watch our French friends and learn with authentic situations how the French language is used in everyday life. Go along with Stéphane to the doctor’s, go shopping and to a restaurant with Cécile. Play sport with Sophie and Cécile and keep your fingers crossed for Stéphane at his job interview!

At LinguaTV.com all videos come along with subtitles and downloadable transcripts as well as many entertaining exercises for a fun learning experience. You will also get a personal feedback on your learning progress.

For more information on the French video training visit http://www.linguatv.com/courses.html

Französisch lernen mit LinguaTV – einfach, schnell und unterhaltsam!
Learn French with LinguaTV – fast, easy and fun!
Aprender el francés con LinguaTV es rápido, fácil y eficiente.
Apprendre le francais avec LinguaTV est rapide, facile et efficace.