How to learn French when you don't live in France…?! 🇬🇵 (LONDON, UK)

[Learning French?] – I’ll let you in on a tips on How to Learn French! ^_^ Skip over the backstory to 3:03 for tips!

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Moving to France for a period of time caused me to put all the French I had ever learnt into practice. I was taking care of two young boys and French was all they knew! I could make out a few words here and there which helped with understanding when they wanted their ‘goûter après l’école’ OR when they wanted a ‘Bain’ instead of ‘douche’. Learning French can be fun as well as rewarding! In this video I give you a few tips based on the steps I am taking towards learning French.

What steps are you currently taking towards learning the language?

I’d love to hear them! Leave you comments below.

I had a lot of fun filming this how to learn French video. If you want to learn French, this is the video for you! French is a great language to learn as it is spoken all over the world! So take the step today and learn French!! Good Luck!

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