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Alphabet Pronunciation in French French Words English meaning
A A as in “father” Avocat Avocado
B B as in “Bay” Bébé Baby
C C as in “Say” C as in “kite” Cerf Coco Deer Coconut
D D as in “Day” Dodo Dodo
E E as in “Euh” Eléphant Elephant
F F as in “Eiffel” Fil Thread
G G as in “Measure” Rage Rage
H H as in “Ash” Hache Axe
I I as in “eel” Igloo Igloo
J J as in “leaisure” Jus Juice
K K as in “cat” Kayak Kaya
L L as in “tell Lapin Rabbit
M M as in “Emma” Macaroni Macaroni
N N as in “Enjoy” Nappe Nap
O O as in “Goal” and als as in “Hot Orange Oignon Orange Onion
P P as in “pay” Palais Palace
Q Q as in “cue” Quartre Four
R R as in “Air” Repas Meal
S S as in “less” Sari Sari
T T as in “Stay” Tableau Board
U U as in “hue” Uniforme Uniform
V V as in “veil” Vache Cow
W W as in “Dooblvei” Wagon Wagon
X X as in “vicks” Boxe Boxing
Y Y as in E­grek Yoyo Yoyo
Z Z as in “Zed” Zèbre Zebra