🇫🇷 Bar & Restaurant French you WON'T learn in class! – Real, everyday French.🍴🍻

When it comes to French language in bars and restaurants in France, this is the ultimate list of the real-life French used in real-life situations.

Since moving to France, I’ve picked up quite a lot.

I learned in school “Que désirez-vous ?”. I don’t think I’ve heard that once in 4 years. Presque useless I’d say. However, there are tons of things that I hear and say at every visit to a bar or restaurant in France. These are therefore useful and worth taking up the limited space in your brain.

Learn how to order food in French, how to order drinks, and what to listen out for in restaurants in France. On top of this, how to correctly talk about paying for things rather than relying on “payer’.

In this video I’ll teach you all the bar and restaurant vocabulary in French you’ll need.

Amener video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfAxMZOVDk4

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